The Benefits of Quartz Countertops

One of the most important design elements when renovating your kitchen is the type of countertop you choose. Although there many different options on the market, one popular material for countertops that we recommend considering is quartz. This material combines the beauty of natural stone, the durability of solid surface materials and the variety of colour and style available with laminate. Keep reading to learn more about why you should think about choosing quartz for your kitchen counters.

What are quartz countertops?

While you’d expect quartz countertops to be made of natural stone like granite counters, they’re actually man-made. Natural quartz and waste rock from quarries are crushed or pulverized and mixed with various polymer resins and pigments to create a very hard and resistant material. The end result is a slab that’s between 90 and 94 per cent quartz and other kinds of natural rock.
The look of a slab of quartz depends on how much the natural quartz was ground up and the colour of the resin it was mixed with. When the quartz is ground very finely, the final slab can be uniform in colour or mixed to mimic the look of natural stone. Sometimes materials like recycled glass, ceramic and silica are included in the mix to add a little extra sparkle or other interesting characteristics. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the appearance of quartz. No matter your style, you’ll be able to find a quartz counter to match.

Olympica’s Kitchen Cabinets with waterfall quartz countertop in a Vancouver Residence

Why quartz?

Quartz is one of the top choices for countertops in Vancouver because it combines beauty with durability. Because of the resin it’s made with, a quartz countertop is non-porous, meaning that it doesn’t need to be regularly sealed like granite or marble. It also resists stains, so there’s no need to worry if someone spills red wine on your new white counter. Furthermore, because the material is man-made and not natural stone, it’s a more predictable material to work with and will have few imperfections.
When you renovate your kitchen with Century Cabinets & Countertops, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of quartz countertops from well-known brands like Ceasarstone, Silestone, HanStone, Diresco, Zodiaq and CanStone. We have five locations in and around Vancouver to help you make the right choice. Call the location closest to you to start building your dream kitchen.

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