Here are a Few Types of Vanities to Consider while Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom vanity is often considered as the centerpiece of any master bathroom. They not only have elegance and beauty but also loaded with functionality sinks, cabinets, storage, drawers, functionality, and storage in a multitude of materials and styles. Choosing a vanity for your bathroom that brings will require little research as there are numerous options for you to consider.

Here are a few types of bathroom vanities Vancouver styles that you can consider while planning for bathroom renovation:

1. Antique Vanities:

Antique vanities are not ancient in age, but rather are inspired by antique bathroom vanity design. The antique vanities are effective in pulling the attention, but they also offer functionality that is similar to that offered by contemporary bathroom vanity design.

2. Wood Vanities:

Wood Vanities are popular choices these days and these can be further divided. For example, some wood vanities are made up of oak, some are made up of mahogany and some are crafted using low-quality woods. Some wood vanities don’t resemble wood and some are also even painted.

Each type of wood vanity will offer you a distinctive level of craftsmanship and luxury. However, oak and mahogany wood bathroom vanities are slightly more expensive compared to other options. However, these types of wood can drastically improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

3. Glass Vanities:

Glass bathroom vanities are considered more contemporary as compared to wood. Glass vanities are mainly a combination of high-quality wood, glass or steel and crafted also using high-quality woods.

The wall mounted vanity is the most popular type of glass models, however, the glass vanity might also include shelves and cabinets. The stylish appearance of glass vanities is why they are mostly used in restaurants and high-end hotels.

4. Double Bathroom Vanities:

Double Vanities are found mainly in master bathrooms. Double vanities mainly include double sinks which are incorporate into vanity’s design. These types of vanity design are popular among couples since it allows every individual to have their personal space in the bathroom.

Double bathroom vanities can also be found in glass, wood, antique and wood designs. Double bathroom vanity comes in a wide range of finishes, sizes, and styles.

5. Contemporary Vanities:

Contemporary vanities are known to aesthetically improve the aesthetics of any bathroom. Some common contemporary vanities include free-standing vanities and pedestal sink. Vanity Cabinets, vessel sinks or wall-mounted sinks can significantly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, which will eventually result in increasing the resale value of a home.

Marble is also a good option when it comes to contemporary bathrooms, as it offers a clean and crisp appearance. Today’s modern style includes a plethora of options such as double basin, single basin, stone tops with slated sinks or pearl white marble.

So, as you can see, there are myriad of options, when it comes to bathroom vanities. The style you want to choose depends upon the color preferences, available space, design scheme, and personal taste. The budget may also be a constraint when it comes to renovating or getting new vanities or quartz countertops Vancouver for your place. Before landing into any vanity choice, make sure you check all the available options.

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