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Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops have been an all-time popular choice, they are renowned for its beauty. Adding a marble countertop to any bathroom or kitchen gives classic understated elegance to the room.

Symbol of Luxury

Marble is renowned for its natural beauty, giving any room a classic understated elegance. While it has been used in home construction for ages, it should be known that marble isn’t appropriate for kitchen applications due to its calcite-based properties. Both granite and marble are porous and countertops made from these materials, require regular sealing to protect durability.

Versatility & Long-term Performance

Featured Marble Countertops

For design versatility and long-term performance, you may want to consider Corian®. Created by the leaders at DuPont, Corian® is a versatile, highly-durable product known for imaginative and innovative applications. It can be cut, routed, drilled, sculpted, bent, or worked just like a fine wood, and the ever-evolving colour palette now extends to more than 100 colours! If you can envision it, chances are you can create it with Corian®. Learn more about Corian countertops.


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