Century Cabinets & Countertops has the right countertops for your kitchen and bathroom renovations. Add life to your any room with a new quartz countertop, butcher block countertop, laminate countertop or any of our solid surface countertops.


Quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces that are made from natural quartz, glass, metallic flecks, and other stones. This results in beautiful countertops with a large selection of colours, finishing, and textures.


Granite countertops are made of very resilient materials. Most granite countertops are made of 100% natural granite rock that is cut down, shaped, and polished to a specific shape and size.


Marble countertops are a popular bathroom countertop option. It is made of natural stone, just like granite countertops they are cut down and polished to a specific shape and size. Though they are elegant and beautiful, they are not as resistant as quartz or granite countertops


This is one of the most affordable and economical countertop options in the market. Laminate countertops are versatile, durable and if well-maintained can last for decades.

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